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Winter has arrived in New England!

Here are some Winter driving tips for the season.
Winter/Snow tires are especially effective for traction in the snow and ice.

Battery health can be tested with the cold temps and if your battery is 5 yrs old
you may want to replace it as a preventative measure.

Fresh engine oil can help with cold startup and clean air and fuel filters
help dramatically improve your vehicle's cold weather performance.

Winter wiper blades keep the ice and snow from clogging up on your glass for better visibility.
It is extremely important to clear the ice from around your wiper area
to keep from damaging the windshield wiper transmission.

A short warm up (2 to 5 minutes) can help the fluids in your engine and transmission
start flowing more freely also helping to heat up your interior and defrost you glass.

Winter here in New England is a tough experience for your car but
with a little cold weather preparation you can make it through without any significant issues.

Stop by at your convenience to have us look over your vehicle and make sure you are ready for the cold blasts ahead.

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