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Winter Reminders

A short morning warm up of your car can be very beneficial.
It gives your windows a chance to defrost and also allows the vehicle fluids to warm up and flow properly.

The snow can be a real challenge to navigate through.
To maintain traction in slippery conditions, slow travel is a must.
During turns you should try to slow down before entering the turn and accelerate through.
This keeps you from going into a skid trying to brake and steer at the same time
because your car wants to go in a straight line instead of where you have the steering wheel pointed.
Winter tires can very effective for snowy winter travel and are usually used in sets of 4.

Winter driving can be some of the toughest of conditions your car faces,
so regular checking of fluids is critical for dependable operation.
Fluid levels such as oil, coolant/anti freeze, transmission, steering, brake and
window washer fluid need extra attention to get you through the cold.

Stop by at your convenience to have us look over your vehicle and
make sure you are ready for the cold winter ahead.

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